Breast Ultrasound & Pap Smear Voucher RM100

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Note :
1) E-voucher will be sent via email within 2 Days after purchased
2) Hospital Naluri shall arrange 1 day to conduct Breast Ultrasound and Pap Smear for RHB Bank's employees at Hospital Naluri.
We shall notify you in advance prior to the date.
3) Kindly present E-Voucher at registration counter of Hospital Naluri
4) Applicable for friends & family of RHB employees
5) 1 employee eligible to purchase for 2 vouchers
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Note :
a) We recommend not to conduct Pap Smear if you are experiencing heavy flow period
b) We may able to conduct Pap Smear if you are 5th or 6th day period
c) We shall not conduct Pap Smear if you are virgin
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